We want this wiki to be the ulimate guide for the show called, Speed Racer: The Next Generation. We want this wiki to show the world about what we know of this show.

Speed Racer: The Next Generation

As part of the WikiEdit

Why should you join this wiki?Edit

It is great that if you help us for we need people to share their knowledge and theory, let other people know what goes on, makes forum, blogs, articles, anything that is important to the wiki. We need people to update, maintain, and kept official so people can know about this.

What can you do?Edit

We have many wonders that you can do on the wiki but first, you have to start as a new user, the more you do, the more potential positive we think in the future.

Activites and JobsEdit

  • Editing/Revisioning/Publishing - You can absolutley edit, revise, and publish any information on Speed Racer: The Next Generation, as long as they have official and reference information, if need any help with it, contact the founder.
  • Express your views on blogs - You are welcome to put views on how you think of the wiki on blogs and talk about with it by commenting.

What are the rules?Edit

There is only two rule in this wiki and that is Respect and Help.

The BeginningEdit

Who founded this wiki?Edit

This wiki was founded on June 4, 2012, by the user Sshalwani , which is our founder and is still around to help and edit all the information and everything on this wiki. He is the go-the-flow user that starts everything and goes faster.

Does this wiki control our actions?Edit

Certainly not, we are free to do anything on this wiki, there is no leader, no webmaster. This is hosted by Wikia Inc. and we certainly not be controlled of what we can do here. We are free to blog, edit, anything.

Who will design, edit, wiki home page, database errors, reports, everything?Edit

All of the designing, editing, and all of this will be done by our founder, Sshalwani, after the founder leaves, the admin and the bureacuats will take over all of the responsibiltes that he has done. For now, he is searching, looking for people to help him on this wiki.


For more information and to contact us, please email us on .