Chim-Chim is a robot monkey that Conor made, the robot's a genius cause Conor made him a genius. Always has been with Conor but also with Speed in need of help or danger. He is known as a wingman for Speed.


At first, Chim-Chim was like a funny monkey but soon it turn out that the monkey was more a help to them.

In many episodes, it was a big help cause it could bypass the security, the doors, anything so they can get in the way. In "Honor Code", Chim-Chim was reprogrammed by Zile's men so Speed could get in trouble and if fail, it would not lead back to him causing 90% of Chim-Chim wiring damaged. In "The Dance", Chim-Chim was reupgraded to a robot girl for Conor to not be single in the dance but Jared and Jesse fall in love with Chim-Chim, also known as Chimantha. In "Comet Run", Dickie Ranford cause a avalanche attack on the Mach 6, along with Chim-Chim was destroyed but was uploaded to Lucy's camera. Conor built a new Chim-Chim and reuploaded Chim-Chim back to it newer self. In "The Great Escape", Speed and Chim-Chim were invisible thanks to Conor's camouflage system and sneaked into Zile's tower but were found and escaped again thanks to Chim-Chim's ability to fly with more than 2 people. In "The Secret of the Engine Pt. 2", Chim Chim was used to get the chamber by going with Speed into Zile's tower.


Chim-Chim was a crazy monkey but it helped out Speed and Conor in many ways.

  • Extra Body - Able to grow fast, also use to help in rescue and climbing.
  • Bypass - Chim-Chim is able to bypass doors with hand lock and get into computer systems, also the track's system.
  • Regrowth - Chim-Chim was able to regenerate limbs and parts of the robot in which were misplaced or removed, except the head.


  • When Spritle was young, he had a regular monkey named Chim-Chim and in the current series, Conor has a robot monkey named Chim-Chim.
  • Both monkey were crazy.
  • Althrough, Chim-Chim in this series was a help than the regular monkey mostly.