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X Racer in the Shooting Star

Shooting Star is the car seen in both series, in the original series of Speed Racer and Speed Racer: The Next Generation.


Rex made the Shooting Star for racing after he ran away from his family in the original series. He used it for his undercover job as a racer, but he was part of the International Paris Agency, and raced in the Shooting Star partially to protect his younger brother Speed from danger. His car remained a little beat up when it given to Spritle to keep at the Racing Academy.

X Racer, the older son of Speed Racer, made another version of the Shooting Star. The car has a dark grey, almost black color with a "X" symbol on the hood. His car was destroyed in 'The Hunt for Truth Pt. 3', but was presumably rebuilt. X was given the original Shooting Star later in the same episode by Spritle.

Capabilties Edit

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Racer X and the Shooting Star in Speed Racer

The original car had no features, it was just used for racing as a simple car, had two seats, the driver and passenger.

The X Racer's Shooting Star has some features, some added by Conor. Most of the features were put by X because it's his car and he doesn't want anything done to it.

  • Nitro Boost - This was the only notable feature of the Shooting Star for most of the early series. It is activated by pressing a red button next to the gear shift on the center console.
  • Chameleon Mode - X was given this feature by Conor after fixing both the Mach 6 and the Shooting Star.