Speed Racer profile

Speed Racer Jr. is the second son of the legendary Speed Racer Sr. and Trixie Tredwell Racer. He is the younger brother of X, the younger nephew of Spritle, and the second grandson of Pops and Mom Racer and Tuffie Tredwell. His father left him at a orphanage after he was born and gave him the original key to the Mach 5 and a bandana. He wears a blue shirt with dark blue-outlined orange stars, blue jeans, and a sky blue, full-sleeved undershirt. Speed is voiced by Kurt Csolak.


Speed has his father's personality. He wants to make a difference in the world and loves racing. He is always excited to hear about his father. According to Sparky, Speed has his father's "eyes, his instincts and his courage." It has even been mentioned that Speed is stubborn and always rushes into things without thinking just like Speed Sr. and X. He loves his father, brother and uncle and he is always willing to do anything for them and cares deeply for his friends.


He does fight in the series sometimes, but he usually uses his excellent driving skills when he is in tough situations and only uses the Mach 6.


Speed Racer Sr. (father)

Trixie Racer  (mother)

X Racer (older brother)

Pops Racer (paternal grandfather)

Mom Racer (paternal grandmother)

Tuffie Tredwell (maternal grandfather)

Spritle Racer (uncle)

Rex Racer (uncle)


  • Speed has his father's personality when his father was young, showing a closer connection with Speed Sr.
  • He has Trixie's looks but Speed Sr.'s eyes.
  • He wants to be a undercover spy just like his father.
  • Speed changed his personality more after he became used to living in the academy and has been more better in racing.
  • He didn't know anything from the past because he was a infant, but only X did cause he was at that age to remember.
  • Speed can imitate his father's signature moves unlike X.
  • Speed is shown to be protective of Lucy, after Ronald made unwanted advances towards Lucy in the cafeteria he tells him she's not interested