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Annalise Zazic in Spoiled Brat car

Spoiled Brat is a race car that is drove by Annalise Zazic, made by Zazic Industries. It was broken two times but was rebuilt back at the academy.


Her car was just a car with no features, only able to drive and made it up to 300 mphs. Soon later, the car was updated featuring lasers in the front of the car. When Annalise was made Team Captain of the Racing team consisting of Speed, X, and her, Conor was able to get her to control the comm system, taking control of who the driver is talking to, and the who to take off, which was Lucy. The car was demolished in, "Together We Stand, Pt. 3" by landmines but was rebuilt, the second time was on the "Racing with the Enemy, Pt. 3," showing Annalise and Lucy in the car with the scorpion car with a electrified net, which broke the car again and is needed to rebuilt back at the academy.


No features were added, but soon one feature was added which was the lasers only could be able to shoot in the front of the car.


Their are no more pictures of Annalise but there will continue to be a search to find more of that car.